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High prolactin levels

I'm 20 years old female and i was never pregnant. Few years ago i had cysts on my ovaries. Year ago i had high prolactine levels that were 1500mIU/L and my doctor gave me medications Dostinex(Cabergoline) which i was taking for two weeks and just diagnosed me with hyperprolactinemia without sending me to mri or ct scan. After year i went to check it again and my blood results of prolactine level were 3500mIU/L. Now i have at same doctor appointment in two months. What should I do next and what could be case of mine since I've searched around topic that it might be tumour. Currently I'm on contraceptive pills because of irregular middle cycle bleeding and I feel like my mental health is getting more worse by each passing day and my fatigue is constant for few months already. Could it be because of high prolactine levels?

Female | 20 years old
Complaint duration: Year

1 Answer

You almost certainly have a pituitary tumor with that history. Sometimes they need to be operated on and sometimes not. At a minimum, you need a CT (or MRI - people argue about which one is best, but they both work) to see the size of the tumor. Cabergoline or bromocriptine are the meds we would put you on the suppress the prolactin and usually stabilize the tumor (and even if it turns out not to be tumor). You have to be on it for a while (longer than a week) and have the dose adjusted until your prolactin level comes down. How much of how you are feeling is related to this or to other life factors, I can't be sure, but it is moderately likely the high prolactin (and other effects from the probable tumor) may be causing the fatigue and other symptoms. Get it checked out. Good l uck Fred Coleman