Internist Questions Chronic Pain

Horrendous painful arms!

Always suffered with back trouble since I was 19 years of age. Then years later knees giving me hell, a few weeks ago I woke up and couldn't get out bed because my arms had gone into spasm or horrendous pain, took me ten minutes to get out of my bed screaming in agony. I haven't felt pain like this ever! My medication is over the counter at the moment. I also take a sleeping tablet. Please help, thank you.

Female | 85 years old
Complaint duration: 45
Medications: Nitrazapam
Conditions: ?

8 Answers

You need an examination and some testing.
In all likelihood you may have pinched nerve in your lower back as well as in the neck causing these pains. Get diagnostics done with appropriate treatment.
The possibility of polymyalgia rheumatica comes to mind, but should be evaluated by a health care provider, as its diagnosis involves testing of the blood and a directed history with a physical exam.

Dr. D. Aldoori
You might have a case of Osteoarthritis, vs Rheumatoid arthritis, vs SLE vs Fibromyaglia. You need to come for a full evaluation to determine the cause of your pains and muscle spasms.
I would recommend you get an appointment with your doctor to get evaluated
Seems like you have a pinched nerve or a disc herniation of the cervical spine. An MRI of the neck would be a good start.
I am sorry to hear this but with the severity you are describing and the wide range of potential causes, you really need to have a thorough evaluation with an internist or geriatrician. You may also need to see a rheumatologist. Polymyalgia Rheumatica is one possibility which is autoimmune and usually controlled with a low dose of steroids. That being said, you need a face to face evaluation with your provider.
I would recommend you to schedule an appointment with rheumatology to discuss the best treatment options.