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How can i reduce my pain due to ankle sprain?

I am suffering from intense pain in my ankle after I had a sprain last week. I tried alternative cold and hot packs but yet the pain is not subsiding. What can I now do to reduce the pain due to this ankle sprain?

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How do you know it’s a sprain? Which ligament is sprained? How many ligaments are sprained? Are there any other associated diagnoses from the injury? If your pain is not getting better on its own, you should see a chiropractor for proper treatment of your injury.
Alternating heat and cold is not recommended, ice first, then mobilization exercises
First, we gotta control the inflammation process. Make sure there’s no stress fracture as well.
P- protect
R- rest
I- ice 20-30 minutes
C- compress with an Ace bandage
E- elevate above the heart

Once the swelling goes down, get your ankle checked out for any misalignments (subluxations). Time is our best healer.
Thank you for the question. After a trauma, it is best to ice, especially in the first 48-72 hours. Ice for 15 - 20 minutes, wait an hour, and repeat. I would schedule with a local chiropractor for an evaluation and passive modalities such as electric muscle stimulation or cold laser therapy.
If the pain is persisting and worsening you make consider having it x-rayed to rule out a fracture.
This is not normal, you need to have an image done to proprerly diagnosis the cause. Meantime, I would do ice only and rice method rest, ice, compress, and elevate. I would probably take an over the counter anti inflammatory as well.
You need to stay off it and give it a chance to heal up.
Is this a first time or recurring injury?

Dr Arnone
Class 4 deep tissue laser is hands down the best option. It can reduce the pain and accelerate healing very fast. Look for a provider in your area.
If your sprain happened last week and you are still experiencing intense pain, X-rays are in order to rule out a fracture. Distal fibula fractures are often present with certain ankle sprains. Additionally, a referral to an orthopedist may be warranted. Continue to ice and elevate, leave the heat off for now. Good luck!
First, make sure that it is just a sprain/strain and not something more serious like a fracture. Continue with the ice if it is swollen and ibuprofen for pain and inflammation, but get it examined and have x-rays taken if appropriate to rule out fracture. If it is not fractured, begin to move it slowly and do the alphabet with your foot to stretch it into all ranges of motion. If the alphabet exercises aggravate it too much, then rest it for a few more days and start them again.
As long as you have pain there with swelling, use ice and mobilize the joint by moving it in all directions frequently within your pain tolerance. Early and frequent movement of the ankle can reduce pain and improve motion. Also find someone who can use cold laser on it to speed up healing.
Initial treatment for an ankle sprain is summarized as the RICE approach:
Rest. You may need to use crutches until walking is not painful without them.
Ice. For the first 48 to 72 hours or until swelling goes down, apply an ice pack for 10 to 20 minutes every 1 to 2 hours during the day.
Thank you for your question. Ankle sprains can limit our daily activities as the muscles and ligaments that are often involved are necessary to movement. The best course of action is to apply ice for 20-30 minutes for the first 72 hours and then moist heat (wet towel, shower, bath, rice bag) after that. If that is not helping your ankle sprain, I suggest seeing a doctor about it. Chiropractors are trained in musculoskeletal conditions and can help diagnose and treat conditions like ankle sprains. Since there are multiple grades of sprains, each requiring different healing times and a slightly different treatment, it is recommended that you seek a chiropractor that does a lot of sports medicine and/or extremity work.
If you haven't seen a doctor and had it examined with xrays you should do that. You may have a fracture and/or torn ligaments.
Looks like you have done everything right so far. The sprain could be worse than you thought and further testing may be needed. We use platelet rich plasma in our office to speed healing and recovery. Some of our patients have seen relief in as little as 2 weeks.
A gentle compression with an ace bandage type of product can help. Rest and elevating it may help as well. Lastly, laser therapy for pain and inflammation has proven successful as well.
So far you tried ice and heat, you also should invest in a ankle brace that you can tighten this will supply support while you are healing. Try to walk with your normal gait with the ankle brace, you will heal faster. At the end of the day rest on your couch with your leg and ankle raised in that position move your ankle back and fourth side to side and cicular rotatations. The movement with no wieght will provide nutrition to the ligaments in the ankle and reduce inflammation, which help you recover quicker.
Call my office 636 946 2244 you may need x-rays which we can do in my office.
Hot pack is not recommended for acute sprain. Cold pack also does not help after 24-48 hours when the acute phase of the condition is over. Depending on the severity of the sprain, you may need further treatment(s). I recommend acupuncture unless the swelling is very severe in which case you need to go to an orthopedist or ER.
For most NEW (Acute) trauma, I recommend ice. Not heat...

How do you know it is just sprained and not broken, fractured, avulsed or constused? You should have it examined if your pain is continuing or worsening.

Once the correct diagnosis has been established a treatment plan can be created. IF it IS sprained: Chiropractic adjustments to the mis aligned ankle joints should be gently administered. Exercises, stretching, and physical therapy to support the treatment. Sprain injuries can take 6 weeks to 6 months to heal. Longer if you do not do the correct treatments. Most chiropractors are trained to help with this types of injuries.
The typical ankle sprain is an inversion sprain where the foot rolls inward. If a fracture has been ruled out, usually by having X-rays done of the foot and ankle, then an ankle adjustment could help reposition the misaligned bone and restore the proper motion to the joints of the foot. Taping or a walking boot may also help.