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How do you know if your body is out of alignment?

I am a 35 year old female. I wonder how can I know if my body is out of alignment?

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Pain, stiffness, and swelling are good indicators that your body is out of alignment.
Typically, people will have misalignment issues for quite some time before symptoms appear unless there is a traumatic cause. There are often subtle clues of misalignment in the body such as uneven wear patterns on your shoe soles, knock knees or even uneven hips. You can check your posture and see if the shoulders appear even in height and not drawn forward too much. Look at your head position and make sure it is not being carried too far forward. This head position is becoming more common due to continuous neck flexion while looking down at our phones. One of The best ways to determine if you have alignment issues is to get a checkup from a good Chiropractor. Spinal X-rays can reveal even subtle problems that may cause abnormal stress to the joints and nervous system over time.
Consult with a reputable Chiropractor
Misalignment that causes nerve interference is what we call a subluxation. There are some simple tests that will demonstrate if your body and brain are in harmony or if there is interference in the flow of nerve information. Stand on one leg without touching the other leg and close your eyes. If you immediately lose balance, you need to be adjusted. Lie on your back and let your legs relax then without letting your feet move to see if your feet form the same angle. For instance, if the right foot makes a 45-degree angle, the left foot should mirror the right. If not, your hips or low back are out of alignment. Finally, pick out a point on the wall (a light switch or something) and close your eyes then attempt to touch it. If you are on it, your hand and brain are communicating. If not, go see your chiropractor.

Dr. Neill H.Payne