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How long does intense pain last after lower spine surgery?

I have intense pain 12 days after lower spine surgery. Is it normal? How long does intense pain last after lower spine surgery?

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About 5 to 7 days
Everyone responds to pain differently. Generally speaking, the "intense pain" should be gone by 72 hrs. "Intense" pain has a different meaning from person to person, but would worry me about possible infection or other reasons for the continued pain. Go in and have your surgeon evaluate you.
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Dr. Bose
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It depends but it might be 3-4 weeks
Typically, unless something adverse occurred during the procedure, sharp intense surgical site (incisional/reconstructive) pain diminishes by about 5-10% after the third post-operative day, decreasing a few percentage points a day, thereafter. If the pain is neural (nerve related), there should not be sharp shooting pain if the nerve was adequately decompressed. There are other less common factors which can change these numbers, and they only exist as a general guide. By 12 days after surgery, most reasons for surgery (and pain related thereto) should be improving. Make sure to communicate this with your surgeon!
It all depends on the type of spine surgery you have and the spine surgeon. The incidence of permanent, life-time chronic post-surgical pain can be as low as 2% and as high as 55%.
Depending upon the type of spine surgery, it may take weeks unfortunately.