Ear-Nose and Throat Doctor (Pediatric) Questions Hyperacusis


My son is severely autistic non-verbal, he is very sensitive to noise but would rather put his fingers in his ears than wear ear defenders, he is home with me, but did go into residential school and care from 14 yrs till he was 19 years old, kisumal schools they were fantastic and managed all his triggers and taught him well. Since leaving there I have been so worried about his ears, please help.

Male | 21 years old
Medications: None
Conditions: Autism , high mobility , non verbal , learning difficulties

1 Answer

Hyperacusis is a very difficult problems in children with sensory issues. Typical therapies such as sensory integration therapy or ABA are ineffective for this issue.

Conditioning with white noise at night may help. Apps are available that produce white noise, for the iPhone or android.

Cotton balls coated with Vaseline may be more comfortable than earplugs even if not as effective in reducing noise exposure. They may however be better tolerated than traditional earplugs.

Finally, auditory integration training is a somewhat controversial mode of therapy for this problem, but you may want to search for a provider in your area, and discuss the situation with them.

I wish you well.