Neurosurgeon Questions Dizziness

I am having extreme fatigue and dizziness for the last one week. Could it be brain tumor?

I am suffering from sudden tiredness along with dizziness and headache. Do these look like symptoms of brain tumor?

6 Answers

It is more likely that you don’t have a brain tumor, and have a purely medical condition. If it persists then have a formal full medical, physical exam.
This is so vague and it doesn’t mean a brain tumor, but if your headaches are outside of the garden variety headaches you get and if they are not decreasing in intensity and if you are sleepy and if you are getting other symptoms like weakness or imbalance or sensory changes, then you should go to the family doctor to look into this.
While those symptoms could be due to a brain tumor there are many other things that should be evaluated first. I recommend that you see your family or primary care doctor first for a more detailed history, a physical examination and appropriate laboratory tests. Depending on the results of those evaluations, referral to a specialist such as a neurologist may be indicated if those tests do not reveal the cause of your symptoms. Such common things like high or low blood pressure, diabetes, viral infections and many other problems could explain your symptoms but a brain tumor while possible is not likely. If the evaluations I suggested do not explain you symptoms an MRI of the brain may be indicated.
You should have this evaluated by a neurologist with an MRI
The symptoms you describe can be due to many causes, brain tumor is not usually the first one that causes these symptoms. If they persist, see your physician for a checkup.
In and of themselves, no.