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I am into body building. Should I be seeing a physical therapist?

I have been pursuing body training and muscle building. Is it important for me to see a physical therapist periodically to ensure that I have no injuries during my training?

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Yes. If you want to prevent anything from becoming serious I would see a physical therapist regularly or have one you can go to whenver you need one.
Not necessarily. If you aren’t experiencing any pain it’s not indicated. If you start to feel discomfort or strain I would advise you to seek out a therapist. Good luck!
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You need to see a physical trainer and follow all precautions to prevent injuries. PT will help but it’s better to consult a trainer to build muscles.
I think it's very good idea to do so.
The short answer is not really. If you are working out correctly, then you should not worry. Perhaps you want to be on a save side you should consult a physical therapist.