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I have a uterine septum that needs to be removed. What is the safest anaesthesia for me?

I am a 36 year old woman and I am due to get my uterine septum removed. I have never had any surgeries till date and I am very scared to take any kind of anesthesia. What is the safest option for me?

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Anything from spinal anesthesia to general anesthesia. Talk to your physician anesthesiologist about which is best for you
If you're healthy, I recommend to undergo a general anesthetic. It will be the most comfortable for you especially not having to know what's going on during surgery. A good anesthesiologist should get you through your ordeal safely and calmly.
Anesthesiology in 2018 is very safe. You will be given medications to allay your fears, and you should tolerate monitored anesthesia care, regional anesthesia, or general anesthesia well with minimal risk of complications.

The degree of uterine septal issues can vary from the need of scraping the lining of the uterus to more extensive surgery. The anesthetic for this type of surgery can vary from sedation which is mild and your surgeon is able to supplement with a local anesthetic Block to a more involved general anesthesia. These techniques are safe for the otherwise average and healthy patient.

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Either GA or Regional could be administered.
It has to be done under general anesthesia. If you are healthy overall there really shouldn't be any problems with any type of anesthesia. Don't be afraid, general anesthesia is quite safe.
I am sorry to hear that you are scared of the anesthesia for this relatively simple surgery. You should arrange for a consultation with a physician anesthesiologist well before the date of your surgery. Do tell the anesthesiologist about your fears so that plans can be made for your psychological and physical comfort. In addition to general anesthesia, there may be other choices such as spinal anesthesia depending on your surgeon’s approach and surgical techniques. At your age, if you have no serious medical problems, any type of anesthesia care will have very low chance of complications.
Under normal conditions, anesthesia has become very safe, whether, utilizing general anesthesia, or regional anesthesia. General anesthesia is where you go unconscious and usually get your airway controlled with getting a tube put into your trachea. Regional anesthesia, like a spinal or epidural anesthetic can also be used and you can elect to be somewhat awake and aware. This requires a needle to be placed into your spine - common procedure (labor epidural). Either way should be safe. Do you have any medical conditions? If you do, this may influence the choice of anesthetic you receive. The decision is usually a team decision between you, your surgeon and your anesthesiologist.
Pretty much all anesthesia types are safe when done properly. In your case general anesthesia is the preferred choice. Don't be scared, it's a routine thing
If you are healthy, general anesthesia or regional anesthesia are both equally safe choices. It would also depend on the surgical approach, some may preclude the use of a regional anesthetic technique. Ask your anesthesiologist to explain the pros and cons of each and make an informed decision.
Your OB-GYN surgeon can ask for a pre-surgical consultation with anesthesia to review any medical conditions you may have and decide which type of anesthesia is best for you. TIVA (Total IV Anesthesia) is a good option, and often uterine surgery can be achieved with epidural anesthesia (local anesthetic placed in cathether inserted into the epidural space in your back) similar to that given in labor.