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I have just suffered a slip Disc. After how long can I start by back exercises?

I recently underwent a slipped disc and there seems to be a space created between my vertebrae. The doctor has recommended complete rest and minimal movement. After how long will I be able to start exercising again. I want to start back stretches before the back gets stiff. Please advice.

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After how ever long your treating doctor tells you to.
Did you have a confirming mri and was the disc bulging or herniated? It is necessary to know this. Spinal correction with specific scientific chiropractic adjustment is essential. This rehabs the injured 'slipped' disc and it will prevent future disc problems from degenerative disc disease.
A person doesn't undergo a slipped disc. Its an injury that takes place, displacing part or all of the disc itself, with or without a tear to it. I don't know the procedure done to you so can't give a definitive answer. Spaces already exist between vertebra where the discs exist. When looking on an MRI, thin disc spacing is indicative of either degeneration or a "slipped" or "herniated" or bulging disc. I would ask your surgeon/doctor and or PT. Hope i helped. Got your back! Dr. Todd Gewant
I need more specifics to advise you. Did you have surgery to remove part or all of the disc? If so, were the vertebra fused and at what level of the spine? How long has it been since you saw the doctor and had the procedure?
This kind of injury varies greatly in patients. Have you had an MRI?

My first question would be did you have an MRI to confirm this? Are you having pain down your legs or numbness and tingling? What causes you to have pain? These things all determine when you can begin exercise.

Thank you.
Disc issues can be quite serious. Each issue is unique. Best advice is to deal with someone in person. I cannot evaluate your situation online. Ask the doctor you're dealing with for advice on these points. Sorry I don't have more for you, but as I stated these issues are all different. Best of luck.      

Dr J

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Start with your exercises as soon as you can without provoking the pain levels. If you are causing pain to radiate into the legs when doing the exercises, then discontinue and wait until you can perform the exercise without causing the pain to radiate.
Depending on the severity, you may be advised not to do certain back exercises. Consult with your chiropractor, if you have one.
You need to seek medical care or chiropractic care to get it unslipped/fixed before you go back to exercising

Dr David Leonard
First off the term slipped disc means nothing to me, because the disc make up and its function is that of a shock absorber, having said that I would suggest setting an appointment with my staff so options can be discussed.

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The back gets stiff to protect itself. As you are able and only with mild pain you can gently begin to stretch. And every case is different, you should see a chiropractor!

Dr. Jim
This is a tricky question because we know that movement often benefits the healing process by promoting circulation exercising muscles around injury, and maintaining joint mobility. I usually start my patients with something like a gentle cat-cow stretch, 2-3 times a day. The phase of recovery that you are in and the severity of your condition will really make all the difference how quickly the person can return to exercise. There may bevspecific movements that your doctor will recommend in the early stages of your recovery and likely some movements to avoid as well. My general recommendation with injuries is to not incorporate exercise until the patient has pain that is consistently under a 4 out of 10 intensity (with 10 being the worst pain). With that being said, you should express your interest in wanting to do more exercises to your doctor. They will be able to advise you on what is appropriate for your condition and what to expect in the future. Don’t be discouraged. All healing takes time. It sounds like you also have a very proactive attitude and that should help you get the best long-term outcomes!
Usually every situation is different, I would speak to your treating doctor, get a re-exam and the Doctor will give you a timeline based on the result of your exam.
The answer to your question depends on what type of doctor gave you the advice. Check out the book "Backache, stress and tension" by Hans Kraus. There are some very good guidelines for getting your back strengthened again. But it depends on what actually happened with your "slipped" disc. If the balance of your spine was actually corrected, which is what upper cervical chiropractic helps with, then it should be about a week before you can get back into workouts. If you had a shot in the back or surgery, there are different conditions present which will dictate how to care for the problem. I would stay in close contact with your health care practitioner and follow instructions carefully. 
Dr. Philip R. Schalow 
First off the disc doesn’t actually slip.
The space between the vertebrae is composed of a tough annulus fibrosis with a more fluid gelatinous nucleus pulposus.
If you injure your back and the nucleus material bulges into the spinal canal it can inflame the surrounding tissue and irritate the spinal nerves causing pain and stiffness.
Depending on the severity of the bulge mild exercise can be very beneficial and in some cases relieve the nerve pressure.
So, whatever you can tolerate in terms of pain a conservative exercise regime will be more effective than simply bedrest.
After an MRI I would recommend seeing a chiropractor. It takes time to heal. You can do physiotherapy and chiropractic. I wouldn't recommend physical therapy at this time because it's acute.
Often a bulging disc can press on nerves creating pain. Sometimes rest in itself will not reduce the nerve impingement. Depending on what town you're in you can find a chiropractor certified in disc disease to help accelerate the recovery with disc distraction.
Hope that makes sense.

Dr. David Tucker, DC-Chiropractor & Wellness Consultant
It depends on the severity and how much pain you are having. I would speak with a chiropractor or you can call 770-545-8888 for a free consultation. It would be difficult to answer with out seeing you first.
As soon as u feel u can start doing light stretching, go for it.
Thank you for your question. A general rule of thumb is that rest is not always the best option. As I have not examined you and am unfamiliar with your condition, it is impossible for me to give you a definitive option. What I would tell my patients is what they should perform exercises to their tolerance. A great set of exercises includes stretching for the muscles that are involved in the back and eventual strengthening of these muscles. I recommend that you seek the advice of a chiropractor that is certified in either MDT or SFMA. They will better be able to show you exercises directly related to your condition that will allow for the best outcomes.
Sounds like a second opinion is warranted. I only recommend rest for the immediate spasm that is taking place. Bed rest is no longer recommended, because it could lead to a longer recovery or even early disability. Walking slowly and some yoga stretching poses that places extension in the spine should be well tolerated. If it is not, go see your chiropractor, there is always non-surgical spinal decompression as well.