Orthopedist Questions knee pain

I have some pain in my knees while walking. How can this be treated?

I have some pain in my knees when I walk, even a little. I am 40 years old. What could be the reason for the same?

5 Answers

It could be anything from just mild tendonitis to the beginnings of arthritis. Either way get an Orthopaedic Doctor to look at it. There are many treatments that can relieve or even eliminate the pain.
Sounds like you need an evaluation. Weight-bearing X-rays are helpful to determine if you have arthritis. Preliminary use of over-the-counter medications such as Advil, Aleve, or Tylenol are beneficial. Don't reduce your walking, however. There are many benefits with walking, including maintaining bone and joint strength.
Make the diagnosis first. See your primary care physician to obtain an exam and the weight bearing stays of your knees. If pain persist seek a referral to a board certified Orthopaedic surgeon for re exam and perhaps advanced imaging studies. Your Orthopaedic surgeon may order an MRI of your knees to rule out cartilage loss or a meniscal tear. Subsequent treatment will be determined based upon the MRI findings.

Happy to begin to help you gain some understanding of your symptoms. There are many reasons one can have pain out walking at age 40. Generally, if you have begun walking and have not done so much recently, you could have an overuse type injury called tendinitis. A visit to your family doctor or orthopedic specialist would be beneficial.
Multiple reasons. Consult a physician for evaluation.