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Intermittent pain between neck and shoulder?

On Sept. 10 I tripped backward over a flower pot trying to get my dog who was after an opossum. I hurt my left shoulder. The next day I experienced a stabbing pain which was excruciating, but only lasted a few minutes. The pain has been intermittent ever since. I have had 10 weeks of PT, 2 MRIs (one on my neck, one on the left shoulder), x-rays which they said showed nothing. I've also had 2 cortisone shots. They found 3 bulging discs in my neck, and tendonitis and a small tendon tear around my ball and socket joint, but that is not where the pain is. It is in the upper trapezius, between my neck and shoulder, a couple of inches down. It feels to me like a muscle tear where soft tissue may be trapped when the muscle contracts??? Massage is the only thing that seems to help, which is temporary. Things were getting better. I was only having about a dozen "twinges" a day. I picked up something a bit heavier than usual, and now I am back to square one. I initially saw an orthopedist but switched to a physiatrist. I am a 70 year old female. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Female | 70 years old
Complaint duration: 3 months
Medications: just OTC supplements
Conditions: two artificial knees

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Following imaging studies, 10 weeks of PT and discovering massage therapy seems to help the most. You may want to try trigger point therapy using an ultrasound or acupuncture in the area between your neck and shoulder. The initial accident may have accentuated the bulging discs in your neck to become more symptomatic, and from what you told me, the small tendon tear may be new. Both complaints can lead to muscular spasms and trigger points to form as your body does not want to repeat the same actions that led to your complaints. Try finding a chiropractor certified in acupuncture and sports injuries who understands how to use an ultrasound for trigger point therapy.
The easiest answer is to be evaluated by a Chiropractor. They will evaluate the mechanical problem you have and help correct it. Since mri and xrays show basic aging problems, Chiropractic adjustments would be most beneficial
Consult with a reputable local Chiropractor
Sounds like 1st rib.