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Is going barefoot good for bunions?

I have bunions. They hurt sometimes. Is going barefoot good for bunions?

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Doesn't really affect them unless you are an overpronater, then it would worsen them.
Bunions are bones that have shifted due to genetics, shoe gear, or both. Any kind of constrictive shoe will aggravate them, but can't walk around barefoot all day. Need to find comfortable shoes or consult your podiatrist about possibly having them surgically corrected. But only do that if they are painful...cosmetic foot surgery can be a disaster!
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No, not really, unless you were going to walk barefoot forever. Sure, then your bunions wouldn’t hurt. But as soon as you put a closed shoe on, the discomfort will have worsened as your foot will have spread.

No. You should have comfortable shoes on.

Dr. Samuel Quartey 
Going barefoot is not a good idea because it potentiates the deformity. You definitely want to find the appropriately fitting shoe or a medical grade supportive sandal, such as oofos or vionics.
No it is not
It depends on your situation. Sometimes bunions are caused by mechanical imbalance. In this case, tennis shoes/supportive shoes with orthotics is the best course of action to stop the bunion from getting larger. If you wear high heels or pointy toed shoes, you need to stop wearing them. But barefoot only takes pressure off the bunion, which may feel good, but may allow the bunion deformity to progress
Bunions develop due to a muscle imbalance in the foot. If the mechanics of your foot will predispose you to developing a bunion, then barefoot walking may accelerate the formation of the bunion. I recommend you discuss with a foot and ankle surgeon (podiatrist) for treatment options