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Is it normal for my feet to be this cold?

My feet are 64 degrees Fahrenheit under blankets while I am lying in bed. Outside the house is 58F degrees, so I am guessing it is around 64F inside. Is it normal for my feet to be this cold? I try warming them, but the second I stop, they drop back down to 64F.

Male | 30 years old
Complaint duration: Many years

7 Answers

Cold feet usually means some sort of circulation issue in your feet. I would always try to wear warm socks such as wool socks. If your toes turn blue or white or red this could be a type of Raynaud's which is bad circulation. Could see a podiatrist about this.
Lower extremities will always be cooler compared to your core body temperature. You may need to wear socks to bed. If this is an uncomfortable feeling for you, then you should see your podiatrist to evaluate your circulation
64 degrees is pretty cold for an inside temperature. It may be too cold in your house and that may be why your feet are cold. Try increasing the heat to 68-70 degrees F and see if that improves. Movement, exercise, and compression stockings can all help with blood circulation. Improving circulation should improve the coldness in your feet. If that doesn't help, you may want to see your doctor to investigate blood pressure, thyroid, or iron status.
Cold toes and feet occur due to circulatory problems-usually arterial in nature. This can be from a congenital problem with circulation, or it can be from atherosclerosis of the arteries of the leg, foot and ankle (even the arteries in the groin). There are also conditions that are related to Vasospasm, such as Raynaud's disease/phenomenon. The best way to find out what is causing the circulatory issue would be to see a cardiologist who specializes in peripheral circulation, or to visit your local Podiatrist for evaluation
If you smoke cigarettes, or have high cholesterol. If these don't apply to you I cannot fully answer your question.
There are a number of reasons for feet feeling cold. This should be evaluated by your podiatrist
If you are concerned about this, then you need to check with either a vascular surgeon or your own primary care doctor to evaluate the circulation in your feet.