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Is psychotherapy good after divorce?

I divorced 2 weeks ago. Is psychotherapy good after divorce?

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Yes, it will help you process the loss and changes that you will and are experiencing from the divorce.
Hello! The question to ask yourself involves YOU: do you want to talk some things over with a good listener? Do you have feelings you want to explore? Do you want to have a listener who is not in your circle of friends or relatives? If you answer yes to any of these, do look for a compatible therapist. Good luck, Peace, Dr. Marian Shapiro Licensed psychologist
I really think it depends on how the individual is dealing with the aftermath of the divorce. I would have to know much more in order to give a better answer. Best wishes, Dr. Broderick
I would say divorce is a perfect reason to attend psychotherapy, as it is highly benefical to talk with someone after such a big life change and discuss the potential trauma it has caused and to help you process through that.
Therapy can be very beneficial for individuals going through major life transitions. Divorce is a highly stressful event in one's life and comes with many changes to your daily life and high emotions. Having a therapist to talk through emotions and help teach you ways to cope with the changes can help keep someone from becoming too overwhelmed/depressed/anxious during the process, as well as learn who you are as an individual (no longer as part of a couple).
Yes, therapy can be beneficial after a divorce. Going through a divorce can be an emotionally challenging and stressful experience, and therapy can provide valuable support during this difficult time.

Everyone’s experience with divorce is unique, and therapy can be tailored to address individual needs and concerns. Whether you’re seeking support immediately after the divorce or dealing with emotions that resurface later, therapy can be a valuable resource to promote healing and growth.
I'm sorry to hear that. Yes, psychotherapy could definitely be beneficial in learning to recover and move on from significant life events such as divorce. There are a lot of emotions we go through during divorce. It's not just the stress of arguments and legal proceedings. It's also the uncertainty of the future. We spent so much time and energy into building a life we thought we would have forever. Now, everything has changed, and we must re-learn who we are and how we define ourselves outside of the marriage, home, and life that we no longer have. High conflict divorces also tend to leave us with some traumatic experiences that we need to work through in order to heal and move forward. If you would like more information on how psychotherapy could help, please call or text (325)644-8757 to schedule a free 15 minute consultation. I look forward to talking with you soon!
Thank you for the question. First, I empathize with your loss. I pray God will give you and your former partner peace and clarity where to go from here in your lives. There are so many benefits in psychotherapy after a divorce. It is a major loss and sometimes a betrayal. Even as a Christian counselor (or a counselor that is a Christian) I realize after just a short time of speaking with the couple when they are “unequally yoked”. This does not mean separation is the answer, but that there are some issues that must be dealt with or the relationship could be terminal. An experienced, licensed mental health professional can discover with you the “why“, “what” and, importantly, the “how” if you desire a future “death do you part” relationship. As a wise Clinical Psychologist told me one time, “it takes two to tango”, and this begins from the first time you meet someone, onward. And, if you were not modeled in the home as a child how to be married, then, hopefully, a wise, experienced counselor can guide you to forgive the past and have a more crystalized vision for a hopeful, peaceful and satisfying future. I pray blessings and peace for you, your former partner and you grieving this loss.
Those who use therapy to help them get over a divorce can often benefit.
Divorce can be mentally, physically, and financially demanding. To cope with this, a couple who is divorcing may choose to begin therapy.