Infectious Disease Specialist Questions Pink eye

Is there medication required for pink eye?

My daughter has gotten pink eye from school, so the doctors have given her eye drops. But, because this infection is so contagious, we feel like she needs some medication alongside it. Does she need medication?

4 Answers

Pinkeye is caused by a virus and treatment is mostly symptomatic. Doctors may give her an antibiotic eyedrops to prevent bacterial infection while the eye is inflamed. At time Patch the eye aids comfort. Needs follow up
This infection is generally due to a virus for which there is no specific antimicrobial medicine. Please follow the doctor's recommendations.
More than likely the medication is antibiotic drops; either sulfacetamide or clindamycin. Please check the label, if it is one of the antibiotics, the treatment is appropriate.
I am assuming that your doctor prescribed antibiotic drops, in which case these drops are all that she needs to fight the infection. You can make sure the drops are an antibiotic by contacting your physician. In the event that she is not responding to the antibiotic prescribed (due to a number of factors but mainly bacterial resistance) immediately call your doctor's office to schedule an appointment in order to ensure she is getting the right antibiotic.