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Is there something wrong with my joints?

The pain is in my knee bone feels like its out of joint and I feel I have to click it to feel fine. Is there something wrong with my joints?

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Depends on your age and your activity level on your knees . Go get Xray and see what’s going on . You might need to wear a brace to keep it stable if you have a physical job .
Yes, sounds like it. We need to see you for an examination to determine your needs.
Hello, Best to be evaluated by a Chiropractic Physician to determine why your knee is doing this.

If something doesn't feel right, something probably isn't right. It could be a lot of different things. It could be a hip or a foot problem, inflammation, or some other disease process. It's best to have it worked up by a healthcare professional that will take a great history, do a
thorough examination including x-rays and lab work, and make the appropriate recommendations.
You need a proper Chiropractic evaluation to determine if there is something wrong with your knee or is your feet are causing the problem.
There are several possibilities to the answer for your question and would
Interestingly enough a patient just came in with the exact symptoms. I told him to brace during activity and ice it afterwards. Yes, there is something wrong but probably minimal. He needed a knee adjustment and some deep soft tissue work. Follow up with your chiropractor, primary or ortho if symptoms persist or worsen.
No there isn’t anything wrong with your joints. From the little bit you told me it sounds like your muscles are locking up and playing tug of war over your knee. This is because all your thigh and calf muscles insert into the knee joint. Try stretching your quads, hamstring and calf muscles to get them moving again. You can also take a massage gun over these muscles as well.

Thank you for your time!

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Most cases it is not the Joint that is the problem but rather the ligaments that hold it in place. When you have weakness of Ligaments and Tendons... it will create a very weak structure. Clicking in joints usually means there is some sort of weakness in the structure of the joint. Proper evaluation and imaging would be necessary to rule this.
Yes, it sound like you should have it looked at