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Leg and foot pain?

About a week ago I got a cramp pain in the calf of my leg. Then in 2 days, it was in the lower part of my shin on my leg. Then in another couple of days, it was a pain in the top of my foot at the left toes. Now it’s in the bottom of my foot in the ball and the big toe side of my foot. Swelling, red, and sore?

Male | 46 years old
Complaint duration: 1-2 weeks
Medications: Over counter aspirin, fish oil vitamins
Conditions: Veinus reflux

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I recommend you make an appointment with a foot and ankle surgeon (podiatrist) or your primary physician for a workup
Could be neuroma or nerve inflammation. It can be due to another pressure spot in your foot caused by gait imbalance due to any deformity.
Sounds either like a circulation or peripheral nerve problem, need further studies to determine.
I would have you go to the ER to make sure you don't have a blood clot, which can be diagnosed by ultrasound. Otherwise see your podiatrist for a thorough examination and treatment plan
Due to the complexity of all those points of tenderness and the severity of the worst case scenarios, it's best to see a well-qualified podiatrist for a full exam.
Sounds vascular. You need an appt.
Have you gone in to have an US of your leg? If it is red swollen and sore you want to rule out possible blood clot to be safe.
You need to work up a muscle cramp due to lack of nutrition or possible gout attacks.
Could be infection, gout or vein issues. Not enough info. See a podiatrist asap
"Traveling" pain is very difficult to diagnose without seeing the patient in person. In fact, it is difficult even when there is a person-to-person appointment. It is very difficult to isolate one diagnosis when the pain is in so many different locations. Cramping and Spasms can be related to electrolyte imbalances, neurologic conditions, sprains/strains/contusions, neuro-muscular issues that globally affect the body, autoimmune disease, blood clots, and many other things. For this particular question, I am going to highly recommend you see someone in person for a proper evaluation and treatment.
This is not a question that can be anterior over the internet. This problem needs to be checked by a physician who can evaluate and give you the most appropriate answer. Any type of answer strictly through an internet question is contra indicated and malpractice.

Thank you,

Dr. Mark Gorman
Yo would want to see a doctor that either does non invasive peripheral vascular disease tests like diagnostic ultrasound, Dopler, ankle brachial Pressure Indicies, plethysmography studies to see if you have a thrombophlebitis or increased pressures or blockage in the venous system, which is a complication of Venous Reflux.
This needs a face-to-face encounter with a podiatrist or pcp. Offhand, it sounds like shin splint, but could be vascular.