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Leg pain?

I have a very sharp pain in the outside of my left leg about halfway between my knee and hip. It comes and goes and is like a knife sticking into my leg, always in the exact same spot, It usually doesn't happen often but it has continued for three days now, every few minutes.

Female | 62 years old

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I am sorry you are experiencing this pain. Sharp pain or knife sticking pain is usually a symptoms of nerve impingement. Since this is affecting your thigh, the nerve impingement would be coming from your lower back. I recommend getting a low back X-ray and if it's a misalignment in your spine, you would need an adjustment. If it's degenerative discs, then you might need traction therapy.
Hope this helps!
Good news, pain comes and goes, indicating not a serious injury. Also, it has only been three days, indicating an acute problem. First I would check your alignment, which can cause nerve pressure and stabbing pain.
You need to see a Doctor, Chiropractic or medical. This needs to have an examination.
There could be a few different issues going on within your musculoskeletal system. I would recommend getting into see a chiropractor and have them do some orthopedic test to see if they can pin point the source of your issue.
This could be a case of hip bursitis. Please schedule a visit with your general practitioner or local orthopedist. A physical medicine and rehab doctor would also be an option. It is very treatable

This type of pain sounds like nerve pain since it come and goes even without activity. Likely causes are irritation to nerve from clothing that irritates the nerve (too tight or loose). It also can be a pinched nerve from the lumbar spine irritating this nerve. Make sure clothing is not issue, light stretching for lumbar spine, good posture, etc. maybe try anti-inflammatory for short time. If no improvement or getting worse, follow up with your physical for a thorough exam.
Good luck.
With such limited information about the symptoms and the past Med history, most likely diagnosis is Trochanteric bursitis.