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My ankle is swollen?

My ankle is swollen and sore and my foot has what looks like bruising. I had an x-ray, no broken bones.

Male | 61 years old
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I recommend you make an appointment with a foot and ankle surgeon (podiatrist) for diagnosis and treatment options
You should see a Podiatrist, even though you don’t have a broken bone, you may have extensive soft tissue damage. Soft tissue damage can be a tear or rupture of a tendon or ligament.
If there is no history of injury it may be gout.
Usually ligament or tendon injury.
You should seek the advice of a specialist. X-rays only show bones. You may have a soft tissue problem, and that is only visible on an MRI.
First of all, I am glad to see that radiographs were negative for a fracture. There are many reasons that can lead to swelling in the ankle. Venous insufficiency is one. This happens when the veins in the legs are not functioning properly anymore. Joint damage can also present as pain and swelling. An injury like a sprain or tendinitis could lead to pain and swelling but could still have negative X-rays. A blood clot in the leg can also show up as swelling on only one leg/ankle. This should be ruled out since it could be dangerous. The best way to find help is to consult with a podiatrist or your primary care physician. Good luck!