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Redness of eye won’t go away

I scraped my eye with a plant and the pain went away in 2-3 minutes. No redness at first, no pain, no vision changes so I thought I was fine.
A couple weeks went by and I put a contact in and my eye stung so I immediately removed it and the inner white of eye turned red. It now has been red for a month since then! It won’t go away. Still no pain or vision changes. No sensitivity to light. Will it ever heal and be all white again??

Female | 37 years old
Complaint duration: One month
Medications: None
Conditions: None

9 Answers

Your eye turning red for a month sounds like there might be something else going on. Could be a contact lens issue, dry eye, or maybe something else entirely. It's best to see your primary eye care provider if you want the redness to go away.
Sounds like it could be a few things.
If you are local, call my office 718-818-4848
I would be more than likely to take a look
I would definitely go see an eye doctor for an evaluation, as there are many different things that could potentially be causing you your issue. I am also concerned since you had organic matter damage your eye, you may be at risk of a microbial infection. Do not wear contact lens if you are suspecting any infection.
You need to be examined by an eye doctor, preferably one who focuses on anterior segment or cornea problems.
Maybe sensitivity to contact lens solution. Old contact lens ? Over wearing cls . Or injection
You need to see your eye doctor ASAP, you may have a fungal infection from the plant scratch.
It sounds like you need an exam with an optometrist or ophthalmologist to diagnose the problem and treat it.
It's hard to say without an in-person examination to see exactly what we are dealing with here. Have you worn your contacts before this incident without a problem?
You either have an ongoing/lingering issue with the plant, possibly a contact lens issue, or maybe something new or unrelated to either problem. If you are wearing contact lenses, I would assume that you have an eye doctor. In order to be safe and to really know what is occurring here, please contact your eye doctor so that he/she can evaluate all possible issues. Good luck and best issues.