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Sexual Misconception

Respected Sir/Ma'am I have one question regards one thing called being virgin actually I had my first intercourse with my husband last year it was my very first I was happy relaxed I wasn't worried or any kind of nervousness firstly I was prepared but I didn't bleeded that time I know multiple reasons are there for it but still I wanted to hear from your side as this misconception about bleeding is necessary for the first time is running my bond with my husband he believes everything about me but not this he is depressed from inside I just one clarification from that it happens not very body is same I didn't bleeded but that doesn't make any sense about not being virgin but I was I would really appreciate your words if you could help me to make him believe in me thank you

Female | 22 years old

1 Answer

Hello, thank you for your question. This is a complete misconception. Sex should not be painful in your first sexual encounter. Should not result in bleeding. Hymen is a thin piece of tissue located at the opening of the vagina. Hymens come in different shapes. there are certain types that would result in tearing or inability for penetration and require surgery.. However, a normal hymen allows for menstrual flow, secretions and penetration. This is an absolute myth.