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Should I have physical therapy after an ankle injury?

I got an ankle injury 3 days ago. Should I have physical therapy after an ankle injury?

5 Answers

If you struggle getting your range of motion back, then yes.
Yes, physical therapy can be highly beneficial after an ankle injury. It plays a crucial role in the recovery process by helping to reduce pain, restore range of motion, improve strength, and enhance overall function of the injured ankle. Physical therapists will design a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific injury and needs. Through various exercises and techniques, they can assist you in regaining stability, preventing future injuries, and getting you back to your normal activities as quickly and safely as possible. So, if you've suffered an ankle injury, consider consulting with a physical therapist to explore the advantages of post-injury rehabilitation.
Physical therapy can help after an ankle injury but need a diagnosis first. I recommend you make an appointment with a foot and ankle surgeon (podiatrist) for diagnosis, evaluation and treatment options
If you are having symptoms of pain or stiffness, and you have been prescribed PT, it is an excellent option to alleviated pain and sometimes to help prevent surgery. If you've injured yourself and there are not any prolonged symptoms or issues, PT will be unnecessary
Physical therapy will benefit both acute and chronic ankle injuries. Management of pain and inflammation in the acute phase will speed recovery. Strength, mobility and balance training will improve stability to prevent further injury and allow for a safe return to activity.