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Stomach problems in children?

My grandson was found to be allergic to milk. He is using Lactaid and milk-free products. He has had diarrhea for 3 months almost every day. He doesn't go outside to play anymore. He has lost weight. The doctor has given him probiotics and says diarrhea comes from being constipated. (Sounds dumb to me). I am very concerned though the doctor seems okay with the status of my grandson's health. What should his mother do?

Male | 9 years old
Complaint duration: 3 months
Conditions: none

2 Answers

Sometimes diarrhea is caused by constipation in young children. The mechanism is that hard stool collects in the rectum and lower colon and the child struggles to get all the stool out. When stool enters the colon, it is liquid and can makes its way through the colon and then can leak around the hard stool in the lower colon, thus causing diarrhea. If that is the case, the best treatment is high fiber in the diet, drink lots of water and consider using laxatives to get rid of all the stool in the colon and prevent stool from collecting and causing the diarrhea. If your grandson is otherwise growing well and is overall healthy, he should be just fine.
I am not a pediatric gastroenterologist, but firstly if your grandson has a true milk allergy then using lactaid will not help since lactaid is simply the enzyme used to break down milk. If he is still consuming milk then he may continue to have symptoms related to the milk allergy.
There are many causes of diarrhea so the specific cause needs to be sought and diagnosed. Weight loss is always a concern in children. Get a second opinion from another pediatric GI doc.