Emergency Physician (Pediatric) Questions Nose bleeds

What causes nose bleeds?

My son often has nose bleeds, and his primary care doctors says that there is no issue with it. Why could he be having so many?

2 Answers

There are a lot of possible causes for recurrent nose bleeds. If nothing else, the child needs to be evaluated by a good, very well regarded ENT physician in their area where they live.
If the nose bleed is hard to stop and frequent his cbc should be checked and make sure he is not anemic and platelets are ok. Usually nose bleeds are caused from irritation of the nasal septum where the blood vessels are. You can avoid motrin or aspirin products and make the platelets not work as well and moisten the nose with normal saline mist. Some children need to see ENT to get blood vessels in the nose cauterized if bleeding persists