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What is the quickest way to heal a sprained ankle?

I got a sprained ankle this afternoon and need to heal it fast. I have a hike in 2 days.

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Even mildly sprained ankles don't heal in 2 days. There are different levels of sprained ankles. Based on the degree of the injury, the healing time can be predicted. A sprain is a tear of the ligaments or tendon. It's not uncommon for there to be some soreness for 6 weeks and the torn areas come back together. If you have to go on the hike, I would recommend wearing a brace so you don't do any further injury.
R- Rest
C- Compression , with an ACE bandage or select ankle braces
E- Elevation, lifting your limb on several pillows to improve the swelling
Doing these 4 things can help it getting better the quickest and cut down on pain
Get it immobilized asap with soft cast
You can't really rush healing, but the best thing to do in this instance is a figure 8/lace up ankle brace. It will give you the support you need in the acute setting. Ultimately, I would see a specialist if pain, swelling and instability continue.
Unfortunately, there is no quickest way. You need to ice and elevate and get a light compressive ankle sleeve to keep the swelling down and promote healing.
Immobilization. You need to rest, ice, take anti-inflammatories. Hiking with a sprained ankle will only exasperate the problem.
Rest, ice, compression, elevation.
Rest, ice, compression (Ace wrap or ankle brace), elevation. Aleve or Advil as directed for pain and swelling. If at all possible, I would put off that hike as you could possibly make your situation worse.
Rest, Ice and Elevate and wearing a brace and supportive shoes. Definitely advise against a hike as it will be on an uneven surface, increasing your chances of a re-sprain or worse, a fracture.
Rest, ice, compression.
It may take a couple of days to months to heal depending on the type and grade of your ankle sprain. Best thing to do is rest, ice, elevate and wear an ankle brace or compression wrap.
Rest, Ice, Elevation, Compression and Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory medication is the best way to treat the immediate/acute sprain or injury. If you are planning to be active and you are sure you have not damaged anything that could become worse by hiking or being too active right away, you can use an ankle brace during your hike to give extra support and control swelling.
The best treatment is rest, ice, elevation and immobilization. An x ray is also a good idea to evaluate for possible fracture. I recommend you make an appointment with a foot and ankle surgeon (podiatrist) for evaluation