Podiatrist (Foot and Ankle Specialist) Questions Hammer toe

What shoes should I wear for hammertoe?

I am only 26 but I'm developing hammertoes like my mom's side of the family. What shoes can I wear and avoid to prevent them from getting worse?

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Shoes do not solve this issue, but avoiding tight shoes obviously will help decrease the pressure as you already know. Hammer toes happen due to tendon or joint issue. If hereditary, then it is more common to get this deformity, which will progress and get worse if left untreated.

Shoes with a wide toe box made of mesh would be the best. I would also buy some hammer toe crest pads online to help straighten toes.

Dr .Patel
The shoes should be ones that do not bother you, but the real solution is a surgical solution which is very simple.
Hammer toes are an inherited problem, so shoe style will not prevent them from progressing. Wearing well-fitted extra depth shoes may keep the hammertoes from becoming painful. Custom orthotics may slow their progression, but that is not well proven.

Kathleen Neuhoff, DPM
Cut a hole in your shoe where the hammer toe hits the shoe. You will be able to find it by the bulge in the shoe!
Foot gear large deep and wide enough for the toes not to touch the material of the shoe.
You can wear wider toe box shoes or open toe box shoes to prevent them from getting worse. You can visit a podiatrist near your home for further evaluation and treatment.
Yes hammertoes typically run in family. I usually recommend hammertoe splints with new balance, Asics, brooks shoes.
You need to come in for a consult and let’s see the degree of the hammertoes. Without seeing them it’s hard to give you an exact answer. You want room in the toe box area. And can try pads that are specially made for hammertoes. We have lots of products to prevent the hammertoes from getting worse
High toe box shoe

Patients that are your age and are already developing hammertoes should certainly only wear shoes with a deep and wide toe box and also shoes with stretchable material over the toes. There are a wide array of choices as far a brands are concerned. Orthofeet and Aetrex are some examples that have men's and women’s shoe gear. As far as athletic shoes are concerned, I would use a brand you are comfortable with that has options with a stretchable and accommodating toe box.

I hope this helps! Have a great day.
Hammertoe deformity is usually caused by a tendon imbalance and, overtime, the toe contracts, forming a hammertoe. Changing shoes to a softer material can help alleviate pressure and prevent corns and pain.

Jonathan M. Kletz, DPM

Shoes with a higher toe box will be more comfortable, but will not prevent worsening. See a podiatrist for evaluation and they will discuss the treatment for this painful deformity.
New Balance athletic shoes.
Prevention of deformity can be challenging as many times this is a dynamic process resulting from familial or hereditary factors as well as foot function and structure. Generally speaking I manage these for the here and now. Large toe box shoes to minimize pressure on the deforming digits is imperative. These are represented by round or square toe shoe box with good height. Limiting any type of closed fashion shoe that is triangular or pointed at the end to minimize compression on the digits. Maintaining heel height to less than 2 inches. Even with these measures deformity may progress as shoes frequently are not the cause but can influence or splint the deformity.