Physical Therapist Questions Soreness

What can I do for soreness in my legs?

I did a half marathon a couple days ago and my legs are now sore. It hurts to get up and walk. What should I do? Should I rely on cold or hot treatment, or both?

5 Answers

See a Physical Therapist. At home...light massage, ice and gentle stretching, never to the point of pain. And next time, train better.
How much training did you complete prior to the half marathon? You could still be sore from the race. At this point in your recovery, rest is important and I would recommend heat not cold to assist in flushing the soreness. Best of luck.
You should be hydrated and have your primary care check your electrolytes
It is normal to have soreness after activity such as a half marathon. Remaining active will keep you from stiffening. Heat or cold is your preference. If soreness persists, I recommend scheduling an evaluation with a physical therapist to assess the cause.
It's normal to feel sore after strenuous exercise, especially if it's your first time to push yourself to that level. Hot/Cold can help, but focus on active stretches and light workouts. If you have any significant tenderness to the calf muscle, changes in skin color, or shortness of breath, immediately seek medical attention, however.