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What type of knee brace is best for torn ACL support?

I am a 26 year old male. I want to know what type of knee brace is best for torn ACL support?

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There are many good ACL functional braces. The best ones are custom fit. I tore my ACL about your age (about 30 years ago) a new at that time I tired half a dozen different braces. I liked CTI and Townsend the best on my knee. The key is a good comfortable fit as they all do essentially the same thing,
You need to be evaluated by a sports surgeon. A hinged knee brace might work until then.
A little tough to give a specific answer. There are several braces designed to assist with instability, whether it be acl or other ligaments. The long-term issue is the risk of further damage to the knee over time in the acl deficient knee.

Tom Rivers
The ACL tears are usually associated with meniscus injuries. They usually require reconstruction. Until surgery you can use the brace with hinges and the side support. There are various types. Ask your orthopedic doctor which.
Thanks for your question. Some basic information, if your ACL is torn and not repaired, a brace alone will not provide enough stability for you to return to sports. Further a brace has not been shown to reduce risk of re-injury following ACL reconstruction in most sports. It may be helpful in skiing.
If you do prefer to try a brace, most bracing companies like DonJoy, Ossur or Breg provide functional ACL braces. Most need to be custom fitted and can be obtained via your orthopedic surgeon.
Custom fit needs prescription. But surgery is best.