Psychiatrist Questions Mood Swings

Why are my daughter's mood swings so severe?

My daughter is 15 years old and has very extreme mood swings- much more than your average teenage girl. Is this normal?

5 Answers

It would be good to have a medical work-up including hormones and, if all is normal, then a psychiatric evaluation to understand the cause of the mood swings.
No, this is not normal. She should be evaluated by a mental health professional.
The fact that you wrote that question gives me the impression it is not normal. I would encourage you to sit down with her daughter in a setting that is not in the form of a intimidation of mother over daughter father of her daughter were rather relaxed situation which you would begin to explore with her what did she experience.
Your daughter's mood swings may or may not be normal. But a psychiatric evaluation is important to determine if it is a bipolar disorder.
Could be hormonal or bipolar