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Why does cracking my back feel good?

I am a 29 year old male. I want to know why does cracking my back feel good?

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Because you are releasing endogenous morphine into the body, i.e., endorphins. Also, correct a spinal misalignment helps the nervous system function better, decreases stress hormones like cortisol, and improves blood/CSF circulation. Who wouldn't want that on a regular basis?!


Dr. Brandon Buttry
By increasing joint mobility, releasing muscle tension and nerve stimulation.

Jeffery P. Jones, D.C.
That release you feel is good usually due to an endorphin release in your body that happens after adjustments. Also the joint “cracking” loosens you up which helps with overall tension relief.

Vishal K. Verma, DC CCSP
When we adjust a subluxation, we are addressing a joint that is fixated. This fixation causes tissue changes, lack of proper motion and nerve interference. Adjusting the segment allow the joint to move properly again, relieving all of those symptoms.
Cracking your back feels good because it relieves tension and pressure as gas releases from your joints and makes the cracking sound. The downside of cracking your own back instead of going to a Chiropractor and getting professionally adjusted is that it causes your joints to become hypermobile. Ligamentous laxity occurs from self adjusting, especially if it is often. Your joints will become hypermobile and not hold a correct adjustment for long when you do get a Chiropractic adjustment. Although self adjusting your back feels good and can be addictive, I would advise that you decrease the frequency or altogether stop self adjusting. Take care!
The extra pressure taking up space in your back is released.
When your back cracks, you are improving movement in the spine and releasing tension in the spinal muscles. This also stimulates nerves which block pain.