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Will my holistic medicine react with anesthesia?

I have to undergo surgery for hemorrhoids. I am taking natural medication for diabetes. Will it react with the anesthesia?

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Tell your anesthesiologist all the medications and herbs you are taking and your anesthesiologist will discuss the risks.
Possibly it depends which holistic medicines you’re taking. All holistic medicines should be stopped two weeks prior to Anesthesia
It may. There are several routine meds and herbals that interact with anesthetics. Notify your anesthesiologist the day of the procedure.
Some of the medications can interfere with medications used. They can act synergistically and cause serious issues. St.Johns wort is an example. It can cause issues with blood pressure control.
It depends on what medication you are taking. Normally, we ask that you discontinue non-prescription meds/supplements, etc., for 2 weeks before surgery. Many of these have unintended side effects like affecting blood clotting. As many of these prescriptions are unregulated, it is hard to know exactly what is in them. So, I would stop taking 2 weeks to 10 days before your procedure to be on the safe side.
That depends on what you are taking, so take it with you and a description to your anesthesia provider. Assuming your holistic approach to your diabetes has you in good control, I would not think the pills you are taking would interfere, but some do increase the problem with bleeding so make sure your surgeon is also aware.

Good luck.
Unlikely for there to be any dangerous interaction
Some Holistic and natriopathic medications have severe interactions with the medications that may be used before, during or after surgery. Some of the holistic meds should be stopped a week before surgery. Please consult with your anesthesiologist and surgeon at least a week pre-op.
Possibly. Let your anesthesiologist know so any interactions will be known.