Sleep Medicine Specialist Questions Zolfresh

I am traveling next week to a foreign country. Is Zolfresh safe for regulating my sleep cycle?

I am traveling to a foreign country for work and the time difference is over 14 hours. I have meetings lined up throughout my visit, so I need to make sure that I'm getting the proper amount of sleep. So, I wanted to know if it was safe to have Zolfresh to regulate my sleep cycle?

2 Answers

That is a brand of zolpidem. It's a standard sedative hypnotic. In the United States, the maximum dose for women recommended by the FDA is 5 milligrams. It is 10 milligrams for men. Like all sedative hypnotics, it can be associated with poor cognitive function until it has worn off, and if it is used for sleep on an airplane, it should be taken at least 7-8 hours before getting off the airplane. This is to ensure that the traveler is not impaired for transfers or driving, etc. It is probably wise to take medicine such as this at least once at home in the safety of one's house to be sure that there are no unexpected sedative side effects before using it.
Zolfresh is prescribed for people with sleep problems. The brand name of Zolfresh in the U.S. is Ambien. I would not recommend receiving advice on medications via an online forum and I highly recommend for you to see a sleep specialist to ensure you are receiving sound medical advice based on your health history/need.