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I recently recovered from a fractured finger. But after removing the cast, the finger still seems swollen. What could be the reason?

I had fractured my finger about 3 months back and a six weeks cast put on it. However, my finger still seems to be swollen. What could be the reason for this?

4 Answers

Fingers take a long time for the swelling to come out of them. As long as you're not having pain and the finger has good motion, don't worry about the swelling.
It can be normal for the finger to be swollen for up to a year. But if the fracture damaged the joint there could be permanent swelling or problem with the joint. Swelling can be there as well due to stiffness.
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This is normal even if the fracture has healed. Small joints in the hand may stay swollen for several wks sometimes months. As long as you feel better I wouldn't worry about it.
There are multiple reasons as to why your finger could be swelling still. It would be best to revisit the doctor who treated your for the finger fracture and have the digit examined.