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Can amniocentesis cause brain damage in a baby?

My sister gave birth to a baby with left hemiathetosis dystonia. The baby has an amniocentesis scar. We want to know if there is any risk of brain damage when the baby’s spine is injected with an amniocentesis needle? What are the risks we should be aware off?

4 Answers

Usually no risk or very low risk. Hemiathetosis is usually a spontaneous etiology.
I have never seen a case of that happening.
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Amniocentesis done correctly will not cause brain injury. Athetosis is likely caused by ischemia (lack of blood flow) which also causes cerebral palsy. Amniocentesis has a 0.5% risk of miscarriage along with infection and amniotic fluid embolus.
This question is better addressed to a pediatric neurosurgeon.