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My ankle hurts even after I walk a mile. What could be the reason for this?

Every time I go walking or running, I end up hurting my ankle. This occurs even when I walk a short distance. What could be the reason for this pain?

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Non-stabilizing shoes, gate analysis.
I would have a Chiropractor or Podiatrist analyze your gait (how you walk), and do an orthopedic ankle evaluation, along with a simple series of X-rays. The above advice followed is the best way to truly evaluate and diagnose your issue. Its best to find and correct the problem, than just to treat the symptoms with braces or wraps or pills. Hope i helped. Got your back! Dr. Todd Gewant- Chiropractor
Did you injure that ankle in the past? It could be weakness and instability of the ligaments. Also, it could be lack of good support. Go to and look for a chiropractor that uses their product. Custom made orthotics may be your answer.
Have it examined by an MD or chiropractor. They may x-ray to look for a stress fracture. The chiro may adjust the ankle to improve the alignment and function of the foot joints.
The reason could be weak muscles and ligaments. Any questions, feel free to call me at (631)462-0917
There is probably instability in the ankle. Or the instability is coming from your low back, or hips or knees which your ankle is taking a toll of it. Schedule time with us to help correct the instability. We are located in Grand Rapids, MI.
There are a variety of issues that would give you ankle pain. Your bodys alignment could be one of them. Ankle pain can be caused from the ankle joint not working correctly or possibly the knee or your hip they all work together so it’s best to have it checked out. However there’s many other issues too. The best thing to do is start with either your chiropractor or your medical doctor and see where the problem begins.
Without an exam, it can be hard to tell. It can be from flat feet, misalignment of the ankle joints, damaged ligaments, or arthritis. An X-ray or MRI may be needed.
It could be soft tissue related where the muscles and tendons could be tight and if you are not warming up properly then it could be irritating the tissues. It could also be joint related. The best thing to do is to get an in depth exam to determine the underlying cause.
There are bones in your ankle and foot that could be out of alignment and could be causing pain. Contact an advanced rated Activator doctor at in your area
Have you injured your ankle in the past 2 weeks? Do you have a regularly active lifestyle? Are you used to walk 1 mile or this is a new change for you? Look at your ankle, calf is it swollen anywhere? Where does it hurts exactly? Does it hurts while walking or afterwards?
There are a host of reasons for pain in a joint. Age, activity, old injury all play a role along with gait, symmetry, and footwear. A local sports doc should take a look at all of these things to determine your care plan.
There are many reasons that your ankle could be hurting after walking, but most of the time it is a soft tissue injury like muscles, tendons, ligaments that are causing the pain. Unless you have had a trauma recently, the joint usually hurts due to overuse and improper gait. This means walking on a pronated foot (loss of arch height while standing) that causes deformity of the soft tissue in the area and even up to the pelvis in compensation. Start by addressing that issue by visiting a sports chiropractor who can evaluate your hard and soft tissue by exam or X-rays/MRI if needed. Then he or she can put you on a plan to recover at home and in clinic.
I am so sorry to hear that your ankle is painful after walking or running a short distances such as 1 mile, but it is explainable and can get better. Pain occurring during or shortly after exercise is usually stemming from some kind of soft tissue, such as muscle, ligament, tendon and/or fascia. The pattern of pain your describing would lead me to believe it could be tendinitis which is an inflammation of a tendon, more specifically the peroneal tendon that runs on the posterior (backside) and lateral (outside)
portion of the ankle. This is one of the most commonly seen issues with the ankle pain following exercise or stress. Unfortunately, without a proper physical exam it would be difficult to have an accurate diagnosis and it could be more complex depending on how long this has been going on and if it is progressively getting worse. To start with, avoid activities that hurt it, drink plenty of water, eat a cleaner diet (veggies and meat, avoiding starches and sugars) and make an appointment for an evaluation by a qualified health professional to rule out any complicated problems such as a stress fracture or peripheral nerve entrapment. In the absence of more serious stretching, soft tissue therapy, strengthening and manipulation of the ankle can reduce symptoms and get you back to enjoying walking or running without pain or fear of serious injury.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Weston Zenner, D.C.
Multiple reasons. Get it checked out.
You may have joint in the foot or ankle subluxated and a chiro proficient in extremities should be able to help
Ankle pain can have many sources, a common one is a misaligned talus (central ankle joint). This can put pressure on the ligaments and tendons, which hold the ankle together. Chiropractic adjustments and stretching to the ankle can be very effective. I also would perform a postural analysis to see if the spine and pelvic alignment can influence ankle function.
Possible misalignment of the foot ligament or tendon inflammation. Orthotics may help recommend examination
There are about 27 bones in the foot and ankle. When the bones become misaligned, it can lead to muscles over acting and under acting the foot and ankle to help increase the stability of the joints. When the bones are misaligned, it can also change the length of the muscles which puts them into a tense state while they are contracting to move the bones of the feet during your walk. The pain that you are feeling could be from how hard the muscles are working to keep stability in the feet and ankle or from the incorrect mechanics of the feet and ankle while accomplishing the task of walking.
Mostly looks as sprain/strain condition, a chiropractor can help.
As an athletic trainer and D.C., I think about adjusting the talo-navicular joint, and doing a ‘Rock’ taping around the arch. Also, contrast baths: icy water for 2min followed by hot water or whirlpool for 1min back & forth for 40 min daily for 7 days. Exercise ankle by picking up marbles with your toes. Elastic tubing or rubber bands are great tools to strengthen that ankle.
Pain in the ankle upon any weight bearing activity must raise the suspicion of some type of inflammatory process of any one of the tendons of the ankle mortise joint. Depending on the specific location of the pain, a more accurate diagnosis could be entertained. An important question to ask would be, have you ever sprained your ankle before? And if so, how many times? The reason being is because instability of the ankle joint is a very common cause of chronic ankle pain. This is primarily due to ligamentous laxity causing the articulations to subluxate leading to structural alterations of the ankle joint thus causing pain upon weight bearing.

Also, a radiographic examination of the foot is also important to rule out an arthritic condition which is a common cause of ankle pain.
I need more information, such as type of pain, how long you have had this pain, and any prior injuries.
Without more information I couldn't tell you. Age, health level, wt, last physical exam, medical history, etc..
Ankle subluxations
There could be several issues in regards to the ankle. It could be a repetitive motion injury, misalignment leading to lack of mobility or range of motion. More severe in nature could be vascular, based on age could also be a compromise in the blood flow or venous return. Need to check that out for sure.