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Are homeopathic remedies effective?

I have a UTI, but I don't want to treat it with antibiotics because they always made me feel weird and the infection would sometimes come back shortly after. I want to know if homeopathic remedies are effective for urinary tract infections?

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Natural remedies like d-mannose and uva ursi can be effective in the treatment bladder infections they are dosed aggressively. It's best to do this under the supervision of a naturopath who can monitor and be sure that the infection is resolving. An infection that doesn't resolve can become a kidney infection and become dangerous.
I would love to have a consultation with you to preform a Urinalysis. I have many supplements that will assist the body to return to homeostats. Feel free to contact me to schedule an appointment. Dr. Jill
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I, unfortunately, do not specialize in homeopathy, so I can not help you in terms of homeopathic remedies. However, I can tell you that frequent UTIs in certain populations are pretty common and may be due to a biofilm that bacteria can sometimes create and antibiotics don't treat/get rid of it. D-mannose with cranberry can help break this down and prevent reoccurrence (if this is the cause).
I have not used homeopathic remedies for UTIs.

There are some over the counter natural remedies for UTI's that can be effective for most people. Some of them are general homeopathic blends and for the average person work well. But every now and then there are some who need more than that.

If you do traditional / classical homeopathy where you get a single remedy instead of a general combo, that's usually where people don't have as much success because if they don't get the exact right one for their specific symptom presentation, then it won't work.

What I usually recommend for my patients is to use these combo remedies plus an herbal tincture for UTI's and dietary changes during illness. If in 2 days they have no improvement but they still don't want a regular antibiotic then I might suggest Azo or similar, also found over the counter. But if you have worsening pain or it's harder to pee at any point, or your urine starts to look orange or dark, go see your doctor ASAP!

I highly recommend finding an herbalist in your area or checking a local health food store for a UTI tincture.

Re diet- for example, cut out all sugar and dairy as they create more inflammation and thicken the mucosal lining of the bladder wall making it harder to flush the bacteria. Also, a lot of people think drinking cranberry juice is good for UTI's. Yes BUT most people drink the wrong type! Juice like Ocean Spray, Welch's, etc have very little juice and tons of sugar. It MUST be 100% cranberry juice with no added sugar to be helpful! And don't add sugar lol. It will be extremely tart.
I have seen a homeopathic approach effective for more chronic symptoms. I recommend consulting a licensed naturopathic doctor about your case. They will be able to determine more effective botanical remedies (since you are reporting sensitivity to antibiotics). An improperly treated UTI may easily lead to infection of the urinary bladder and kidneys.
I wouldn't only treat with UTI homeopathics like Cantharis, but I would blend it would other botanical medicines and supplement treatment and recommend that you take everything for 24-48 hours (including natural remedies that are herbal antibiotics and remedies that prevent bacteria from adhering to your bladder, for example) plus staying incredibly hydrated, avoiding all sugar including fruit, etc then after that timeframe, if you're feeling better, then it is fine to avoid antibiotics, but if after treating for a UTI for a very limited time and you are still symptomatic, then that's when conventional medicine including antibiotics can be hugely beneficial to prevent kidney infections. I recommend that you find someone who knows how to dose natural remedies at therapeutic dosages so that you are able to get to the level of being able to treat naturally. I find that most people aren't taking natural supplements in ways that can treat infections and then they think the botanical herb or supplement doesn't work, when in fact it does, but they weren't taking it at therapeutic levels. Feel free to reach out again if you have questions! Have a great rest of your week.
Yes. They are magnificent for treating UTIs.
I do not believe homeopathy is effective for UTIs. If caught early enough some herbs are powerful enough to treat. However, in my practice the most effective treatment often is an antibiotic. You may want to seek out an ND that can help prevent the UTI from returning and treat the underlying cause. Best of luck.
Homeopathy is a tool that can be useful in treating patients with UTI’s. It’s important to have someone skilled in paring the proper remedy to the person. It’s not a one remedy fits all kind of situation.
It is recommend if you utilize antibiotics that you should support with pre/probiotics to counter the loss of good bacteria. Drink plenty of water and cranberry juice without the sugar. There are also over-the-counter supplements.
I use a combination of homeopathy (cantharis 6c or 12c) and cranberry/d-mannose capsules, 3 every 4-6 hours for 4 days, and a probiotic.
Dr. Beilin
D-Mannose, a sugar, is OTC and clinical trials have shown it is just as effective as Bactrim DS for Urinary Tract Infections.