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Can a chiropractor fix costochondritis?

I am a 40 year old male. I want to know if a chiropractor can fix costochondritis?

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Possibly, depending on the length and extent of symptoms.
A chiropractor should be able to treat costochondritis.
Yes, chiropractors can help with costochondritis. Specifically, sports and orthopedic chiropractor are trained in the treatment of this with chiropractic and physical therapy. It addresses the ribs from back to front at the sternum where most costochondritis is painful.
Absolutely, although don't be surprised if the treatments are spent more at the posterior ribs as they articulate with the spine as opposed to the anterior rib articulations.
There is no standard treatment for costochondritis other than managing symptoms. However, chiropractic has proven to be exceptional for managing pain. Chiropractic treatment for the condition involves a gentle approach with anterior thoracic chiropractic adjustments along with treatment for the soft tissue around the affected area and extending along the nerve path.
My Office offers Ultrasound and Cold Laser Therapy, both proven effective in treating inflammation.

The chiropractor may also recommend alternating heat and cold directly on the painful areas. Light massage may also work and the chiropractor will show them how to do this at home for continuing self-care. With regular chiropractic treatments and diligent self-care at home, patients can lessen the occurrences of costochondritis and greatly reduce or eliminate the pain.
A chiropractor can assess your spine and also the joints where the ribs meet the spine (in the back) and sternum (in the front). Working to create better range of motion in all rib joints is a key component of improving costochondritis. After practicing for several years, I can personally say I have probably helped hundreds of rib issues. It is certainly worth it to consult with a great chiropractor.


Dr. Brandon Buttry
As you probably know, costochondritis is an inflammation mainly of the articulations of the ribs to the sternum. It can also be felt in the back where the ribs connect to the spine. From a chiropractic standpoint, it is caused by contracture of the muscles and ligaments at these connections. This can trigger dislocation of the rib heads, lending to lack of normal motion. A chiropractor can adjust these misalignments therefore increasing mobility. They will also instruct you in specific stretching exercises to further improve mobility.

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Doc J
Sure, if they are rehab doctor.
Costochondritis is usually due to a trauma to the rib cage, but can be cause by many things, such as an infection. Blunt trauma or just plain over-use are common causes. If a rib is out of place, this can also create inflammation in the region. If that is the case, then the rib needs to be put back into place, so the costal cartilage can move correctly and not be irritated every time you take a breath. There is no lotion, potion, pill, shot, cut, stretch, or exercise that puts the bones back into place. This is what chiropractic is for. So, to answer the question, yes, if a rib is out of place. No, if it is an infection or blunt trauma that caused the inflammation.
Hope that helps.

Dr. B. A. Pennington
Yes is my short answer, but it always depends on the cause. Consult with your chiropractor to help determine the cause of the issue to determine the best course of care.
If properly trained, a chiropractor can provide therapies, adjustments, and exercises to treat this condition. Really make sure they know what they are doing, though.
Costochontritis is best treated with anti-inflammatory supplements or medication. A Chiropractor can assess and treat any dysfunction of the thoracic spine and rib cage to prevent future issues.
Costochondritis is inflammation of the joints of the ribs at there attachments. Doctors of Chiropractic (DC) are licensed doctors who do diagnosis and either delivers and/or recommends treatment. That includes all areas of the neuromuscular system. The question is what is causing the problem with the area and that requires diagnosis. Diagnosis can't be done without an examination. If the cause is appropriate and responsive to conservative care then Chiropractic care with its many therapeutic treatments is important and appropriate. Even if the problem has a permanent and/or structural component the treatments may still help, but may not totally eliminate the underlying cause. Don't wait to have the examination, as the sooner the problems is detected and treated the better.