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Can tonsillitis cause bad breath?

I am a 19 year old male who has tonsillitis. I also have bad breath. Can tonsillitis cause bad breath?

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Yes. Pap breath comes from tonsillitis coughs by and aerobic bacteria. The other part of the infectious process such as Actinomyces.
Yes, it can cause bad breath.
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Yes, both acute infections of the tonsils as well as chronic infections of the tonsils can cause bad breath known medically as halitosis.
Tonsillitis generally indicates that you have inflammation of your tonsils. This is most commonly caused by either a viral or bacterial infection. Due to the presence of infection, it can very commonly create an odor to your mouth or breath. This should resolve or go away as the infection resolves.

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Simple answer is yes. The causes include tonsilolith, gum disease, reflux, exhalation of gases from lungs, smoking, alcohol, etc
There is an entity called chronic tonsillitis where the tonsils are chronically inflamed even though they’re not infected. This is a common cause of halitosis. It’s best to be seen by an ENT doctor to have it evaluated, and in the meanwhile gargle after every meal with salt water if possible.

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Yes. Also, brush your tongue if you have bad breath.