Internist Questions Smoking

I want to quit smoking and soon, can I do so in 3 weeks?

How long does it take for someone to quit smoking? I have my wedding planned in 3 weeks and wanted to quit the habit before that. Is this possible? I'm looking into investing in a nicotine patch.

1 Answer

Your willingness and consistency will be key to your goals. You can easily start the patch daily in addition to the Nicolette gum if you feel an oral urge for the cigarette. If you are a 1 pack per day smoker, start with the 21 mcg patch and keep it going for one month, then taper to the next lowest dose monthly. Set a quit date soon and place the patch on that day. Chantix has a better quit rate, but your medications should be reviewed and a depression screen prior to starting oral chantix is advised. Congratulations on your healthy life decision and good luck to you!