Physical Therapist Questions Swelling

What could be the cause of a painless swelling in baby’s tibia bone?

I have seen noticed painless swelling in my 10 month old baby’s tibia bone. I don't think it bothers him, but I am worried what this swelling could be. I'd like your opinion before I reach out to his doctor.

5 Answers

That could be a cyst or fat deposition. You need to see his pediatrician.
This swelling could be a cyst or collection of fat tissues,however you still need to see his pediatrician for farther opinion.
I would love to answer that question, but there could be many factors. If the baby doesn't have a bruise showing the baby kicked something, I would bring the baby to have it looked at by their pediatrician. Without mechanism of injury, I would always err on the side of caution. More than likely it's nothing and it was related to the baby crawling or playing but as a dad, I would have it checked out further.

Daniel Prata, PT, DPT, COMT
Whatever is causing this is likely out of the scope of practice for a PT and would likely require some diagnostic testing that cannot be performed by a PT. If your pediatrician doesn't seem to be concerned, then find a new pediatrician for a second opinion. I have 2 children and whatever concerns I have for my kids better be shared by my doctor, otherwise I'm going to someone that shows me they care as much as I do.
Is the swelling on the bone? Is there any redness? Does that cause any restriction in the movement? Does the baby let you touch/palpate the swollen area?
I would suggest you to have a face to face consultation with the physician as at this young age, their response to pain is considered unreliable.