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cold sores

i shared a vape with a friend yesterday who didn’t have an active cold sore, today he has a cold sore… what are my chances of contracting hsv 1 / a cold sore ?

Female | 19 years old
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It’s always possible best to avoid sharing
Not as high as if he had an open sore. If you feel any tingling or burning see a doctor for acyclovir or laser therapy.
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You may or may not
Check with your PCP, see if they recommend going on an anti viral
There is a good chance you may had contracted HSV as the area affected by the cold sore sheds viral particles prior to the outbreak, and is highly contagious.
Very likely
Although it is possible to contract oral herpes by kissing or sharing a vape, the fact that your friend displayed no symptoms at the time means that your risk is relatively small. There typically needs to be an active lesion for the virus to be spread. My wife grew up being kissed by her parents who periodically had cold sores and she never contracted it, so you can likely relax now.