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Does my child need an antibiotic for strep throat?

My 11 year old child has strep throat. Does my child need an antibiotic for strep throat?

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Yes, antibiotic will help him get better faster and also prevent long term complications like Rheumatic fever and Glomerulonephritis.
Your child will need antibiotics after being diagnosed with strep throat because the pneumococcal bacteria that causes the strep throat can have several complications such as scarlet fever, arthritis, heart infection.
Yes, absolutely! Otherwise, it would have cardiac consequences causing Rheumatic Fever and possible cardiac failure in future, also could cause neurological complications.
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Strep throat is a bacterial infection and needs to be treated with an antibiotic. Long term complications of the infection can include kidney and heart complications
Yes, strep throat can cause rheumatic heart disease if left untreated. It is rare but can occur.