Emergency Physician Questions Anxiety Attack

My son felt giddy while playing. What should I do?

After my son's baseball game, he was complaining of this tight feeling in his chest. When I asked him about it, he told me not to worry about it. I just wanted to see if it was more of an anxiety feeling or a feeling of heartburn. Now that we're home, he's starting to sweat a lot, even when the temperature is normal. Could this be an anxiety or panic attack? His team lost and he was taking it really rough. Should we take him to the ER?

3 Answers

Yes, take him to an urgent care or ER
As long as your son is other wise healthy, I would not recommend go to the emergency department at this time. This does sound like anxiety. As long as he is not lightheaded or feels like he going to pass out I would just watch him closely. Call his pediatrician or Family MD for a follow up appointment in next day or so.

Take Care

Shawn McCarty, MD
I don’t think you need the ER. Check with your PCP had a physical. Looks like anxiety and hyperventilation.

Jose Arosemena