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Fractured forearm issues?

Hello, my name is Daniel, sadly years ago I was involved in a near-fatal car accident where after I was thrown through the windshield my left arm extended as a form of protection once I slammed on the concrete my forearm in my left arm snapped in half. After the wreck, my guardian at the time scheduled an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon where after seeing him multiple times I allowed him to surgically operate on me. After the surgery was performed I was extremely disgruntled to find out that the surgeon decided to completely cut all of the tendons in my arm I wonder if I had another orthopedic surgeon reattach the tendons would I regain complete use of all of my arms like prior to the fracture?

Male | 32 years old

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Extremely difficult question to answer without knowing more detail. However, if the muscles were very badly damaged or infected, they had to be removed. Get a second opinion. Look up an orthopedic surgeon who has a fellowship training in hand surgery. Try this website:


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Dr. Bose
I am sorry to hear about your accident. It would be unusual for an orthopedic surgeon to cut all your tendons in fixing a forearm fracture. However, many of the flexor muscles in the forearm needs to be peeled off the bone to place a plate in the fractured bone. Sometimes during the healing process and also injury to the muscle caused by the force of the accident, the muscle can be damage. Without an evaluation, it is difficult for me to advise you if this function can return back to normal, but many times the function may be improved with therapy or further surgery. Sorry for the vague response, but again, it is difficult to assess the issue without an exam.

In Sok Yi, MD
First, it makes no sense. Why would he cut any tendons? I suggest a second opinion. There is something missing in the info here.