Internist Questions Neck Pain

Help with neck muscle stiffness

I have a lot of problems with the muscles in my neck being stiff and tight. I see a massage therapist frequently and it helps some. Would physical therapy be able to help me better?

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There is most likely weakness and decreased spinal stability occuring in your neck, which is why it always hurts. Your muscles are probably working overtime trying to compensate for those weaknesses. So, yes a massage feels good temporarily, but will never address the underlying weakness that is causing your pain. A PT will be able to address it and help you correct it.
Make sure it is not something more serious.
Physical Therapy
May need to get diagnostic workup done to check the reason for this stiff neck. Otherwise, you can definitely try physical therapy.
Yes physical therapy can be a better option since they combine other treatment modalities with massage therapy.
Yes, physical therapy should help, not only to fix the problem, but also to prevent it from coming back.
First we need to find out what could be the cause for your neck muscle stiffness. It could be that at work he were working on a computer and your set up is not ergonomic and that can cause neck muscle stiffness. Also your mattress and pillow might be contributing to it.
physical therapy will help But you have to pay attention to the cause to prevent it from coming back.
Neck pain is another area that physical therapists specializing in orthopedic rehabilitation see frequently. A good PT will be able to identify the cause of your stiffness and tailor a plan to meet your needs to get you moving pain free!
Yes, physical therapy often have other techniques that can be of great
help. Of course the degree of help received from these techniques also
depends upon the reason for your pain. You should discuss this pain and be
examined by a physician if you have not already.
possibly; visit your primary care physician for an evaluation to help determine a plan of action
Yes as they will concentrate on range of motion and stretching.