Psychiatrist Questions Anger Management

How can I control anger?

I am extremely worried about myself as I keep getting frequent bouts of anger. I am 48 years old. It runs in my family, too. It happens both at home and at work. I am scared that this anger can cause a health problem. Should I turn to medication or how should I go about this?

8 Answers

Talk to your doctor. If the condition is severe enough their are medications that can help.
I would definitely recommend you considering individual therapy to help clarify your feelings especially if you are motivated to address the health risks related to chronic anger issues.
Yes it is a form of manic depressive illness and can be and can lead to very dangerous situations.

The best treatment is Tegretol 300mg 1 or 2 at 8pm every day to stabilze the mood. There is nothing to control the anger .
You are right, chronic anger can affect our physical health. It is important to understand the source of your anger first. You can do this with the help of a counselor/therapist. Anger is negative energy. Learning techniques to dissipate this negative energy/tension is also important so that the energy is channeled to positive or constructive ways rather than being expressed in angry outbursts.
Medications also have a role in controlling anger. However, I would not recommend this as the first step. I think that it is more important to understand the root of the anger first. The only time medications may be the first line of treatment is when the angry outbursts are destructive to yourself and others (aggressive behavior) and appear to be beyond one's control.
Medication, anger management courses, and lifestyle changes can all be helpful depending on the cause of your anger. Is it a mood disorder? Addiction problems? Existential fears?
You can first try mindful techniques to control anger. Meditation, yoga, number techniques are helpful. If not helping can try counseling and if still not helping then medications.
both medication and psychotherapy can be helpful. (best both)
When did it start? Has the anger been getting worse lately? From a scale of one to ten, 10 being the worst and one the least severe, how would you rate the anger? When the bouts of anger begin, how long do they last? Have you had any previous bouts at any point in your life? Are there any particular events going on in your life that may be possibly triggering this anger? Have you noticed if there is anything that makes the anger worse or better? Have you tried anything on your own in order to dissipate this anger, for example, drinking some medication, herbal preparation, or talking to a friend or family member? Have you been feeling depressed lately? Have you had any episodes of elevated mood, distractibility, grandiose thoughts, feeling like thoughts come too fast one after the other? Have you seen or heard anything that others cannot see or hear?
I'm sorry, I in no way mean to make you uncomfortable. These are just routine questions in order to get a clearer picture of what is going on and be better able to help you with your problem.
Do you suffer from any medical condition I should be aware of?
Allergies to medications or food?
Are you currently taking any medications?
Does anybody in your family suffer from any medical or psychiatric condition that I should be aware of?
What do you do for a living? Do you smoke? Drink? Use any illicit drugs? Are you currently sexually active?