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How can I stop my child from coughing?

My 4 year old son keeps coughing. How can I stop my child from coughing?

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Hi, first we have to figure out the reason for coughing and then treat it. Cough is a protective mechanism that the body uses to throw out foreign bodies including bacteria and viruses. That's why cough is contagious. The underlying cause for cough is treated, but not suppressed. Cough also happens when airways are tight as it asthma patients, so it is treated differently with bronchodilators.

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It depends on why they are coughing, If is a drainage cough when they lay back dimetapp dm helps dry the mucus and help the cough. If mucus is thick you may want mucinex to clear the secretions. If they are wheezing or short of breath , he would need to be seen immediately.
If this is a persistent cough, more than 2 weeks, Please see your pediatrician for examining your son.