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How can I treat son's ear infection at home?

My son has had an ear infection for a while, and we would really rather treat this at home. Is there anything we can do? He's had this infection for a day and a half.

3 Answers

Many ear infections are viral and resolve on their own after a few days. If it doesn’t it is probably bacterial and should be treated with antibiotics
Although some people find success in treating their ear infections with home remedies, the chances of causing more pain is too high. And therefore not recommended. I would recommend you visit an Otolaryngologist (ENT Doctor).
According to the most recent guidelines, any child less than two, or an older child with high fevers or severe ear pain must be treated with antibiotics. There have been no natural home remedies that have been shown to help, at least on a scientific evidence basis. And therefore depends on your child’s age, and how sick they are. They should always start off with a weak antibiotic like Amoxicillin, and only if it is not effective should the antibiotic be changed to a stronger one.

Ari Goldsmith