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How do I relieve sciatic nerve pain?

I am a 34 year old male and I have sciatic pain. How do I relieve sciatic nerve pain?

13 Answers Do the exercises listed underneath.
Stretch legs and lower back.
It depends on the cause of the Sciatic pain. If it is true sciatica it will be a traceable path all the way to the foot. If it does not cross the knee, then it's usually more related to a tight piriformis muscle. If it is indeed true sciatica and it goes all the way into the foot, I would seek a skilled chiropractor to complete an examination and send me for necessary diagnostic imaging (if necessary) to determine if the sciatic pain is coming solely from a misaligned vertebra or if there is a disc injury complicating the issue. If it does not cross the knee and is more related to tight piriformis muscle/hip stabilizers, then performing myofascial release with a high density foam roller or seeing a skilled massage therapist can help.
I would recommend that you see a chiropractor for sciatic pain. Chiropractors have excellent success with that condition. It may take weeks or even several months of treatment so be patient and follow any advice that your chiropractor gives for home care.
Sciatic pain can be treated by your chiropractor with some treatments. They may also give you some tips to manage the pain during this episode. It is a great place to start and may resolve it faster than you think.
See a chiropractic doctor
There are a number of ways to treat sciatica. It all depends were the sciatic originates. If its the piriformis muscle, you can begin by stretching. If its a herniated disc or facet (joints in the lumbar spine) then other measures would be needed. The best is to see a chiropractor to determine which problem it stems from. An exam films and or a MRI would help to properly diagnose the condition.
Sciatic pain which is the name for a shooting pain that goes down the back of the leg, is usually caused by disc pressure on the lower back nerve roots. The cure is to relieve that pressure. The best treatment according to research for disc herniation is the chiropractic adjustment. If the disc is the cause of the pain, McKenzie low back exercises and stretches can significantly reduce the leg pain. There is another type of condition that mimics sciatica called pseudo-sciatica. The effect is pain down the back of the leg but the cause is the piriformis muscle in spasm. It is a muscle deep in the gluteal muscles. Stretches can help relieve this but getting to the cause of the spasm is the key to curing this problem.

Dr. Neill H. Payne
First, you must find out the cause of the sciatica. It could be a disc problem, a joint problem or a muscular tension problem causing irritation to the nerve. I would suggest an examination to determine the actual cause of the sciatica and an MRI to see if there is a discal component. The cure for sciatica is to determine where the pinch is coming from and take the pressure off the nerve. Stretching muscles such as gluteus medius, piriformis and paraspinal muscles may be helpful. Manipulation of the spinal joints and/or decompression of the discs and joints may also be helpful. If not, consider pain management injections and lastly surgery such as partial discectomy to eliminate cause of pressure to the nerve.
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Dr. Eric Miller
I typically recommend chiropractic care along with other modalities like electrical muscle stimulation, cupping and strengthening exercises.
Ice application to the lumbar spine and sacral region are good ways to relieve sciatic pain. I recommend consulting a Chiropractor for a more permanent solution to sciatic pain.
If very mild and recently started, rest and stretching exercises may resolve it. If not, more in-depth evaluation may be indicated. Chiropractors and Physical Therapists both get good results with simple sciatica.